Taking the Journey: Healing Trauma

One of the most powerful things I have learned as a therapist is just how adaptive and resilient we human beings are. Although there may be times when it doesn’t feel workable, the effects of traumatic experiences can be healed.  While it is true that the process is often slow, healing trauma is a journey that does have a beginning, a middle and an end. It is common to have thoughts and feelings of being “damaged” or indefinitely broken. These thoughts and feelings are residues of the trauma itself, in which a person feels powerless in the midst of overwhelm. Once worked with appropriately, these feelings and thoughts diminish, and in fact can be replaced with deepened value and personal agency. There is a tremendous gift that comes from having experienced trauma and healing it’s effects. Often one feels a level of human capacity and resilience that only comes from living through hardship and still come out healthy, loving and wise.


Feelings of Powerlessness

Since trauma is an experience in which a person becomes overwhelmed and then feels powerless, this feeling can arise throughout the journey, trying to get in the way of the healing process. Don’t let it win, by believing them to be the truth. Regarding these as feelings rather than truths, takes the power out of them, and makes the healing work more possible.





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