Opening to What Is

Life will inevitably present us with challenges and difficulties of all kinds. Developing tools to gain insight into the negative habits that we generate allows us to better navigate life with intention, clarity and courage. Living a meaningful life comes from having the willingness to meet everything that life gives us with openness rather than defending against or avoiding those experiences. Meeting life with openness and courage is a skill that is gained through support, practice and guidance. Once this skill is developed, the openness we cultivate dissolves old defensive patterns which longer have any use, giving way to a more authentic and courageous expression of who we are. Openness to life then leads us into living more connected, loving and intimate relationships.

Deciding to begin therapy is a beautiful commitment and investment in yourself. It takes courage, effort and vulnerability. I believe that cultivating insight and healing ourselves is the most powerful thing that we can do to be of service to our loved ones, our communities and to the world

Craniosacral therapy, psychotherapy intuitive healing work
Personal development and healing work. Integrating Mindfulness based practices with psychotherapy and biodynamic craniosacral therapy.

Offices located in Berkeley and San Francisco